Abbey Duncan Brownfield Scholarship Program

Named in honor of an avid environmentalist, talented dancer, and tireless community supporter, the Abbey Duncan Brownfield Scholarship Program is an annual program designed to provide financial support to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing careers in the brownfield industry in New York City.  Brownfields are properties where redevelopment is complicated by the presence or potential presence of environmental contamination. The Abbey Duncan Brownfield Scholarship Program is administered by the NYC Brownfield Partnership, an association of member organizations involved in the brownfield industry in New York City.

2014-2015 Scholarships will be one-time awards of up to $2,000.  Funds will be disbursed directly to the college at which the student is enrolled in coordination with the school’s financial aid office.


Scholarship recipients will be selected on a competitive basis.  In order to be eligible for the award, students must be:
-         An undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at one of the colleges affiliated with CUNY;
-         Enrolled in at least one course during the 2014-2015 academic year; and
-         Pursuing studies related to brownfield redevelopment, such as environmental engineering, environmental or geosciences, geology or hydrogeology, environmental policy, environmental planning, environmental justice, environmental law, real estate, sustainable development or industrial hygiene.

To apply

-         Submit your application online.

Contact with any questions.

2013 Abbey Duncan Brownfield Scholarship Recipients

Eric Carlsen, Brooklyn College
John Driscoll, City College of NY
Eliza Eckstein, City College of NY
Danielle Hagans, Brooklyn College
Ezazul Haque, York College
Sean Martin, Queens College
Ethan Middlebrooks, CUNY School of Law
Jessica Miller, Brooklyn College
Tracey Sheu, Hunter College
Kishan Singh, Brooklyn College
Suzanne Stempel, Brooklyn College
Kimberly White, Baruch College
Sarah Vorsanger, Hunter College